Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Reflections of Love - Mother's Day Plus Two

Not too old to remember the precious moments
In the sweetness of early childhood
Taking in the wonders of the tiny universe around me
The world's troubles not mine

Moving forward in the journey of life
In the warmth of gentle caring arms
Her eyes, words and touch connecting
Nurturing me with the taste of love

Mother, gone now some forty years
Never forgotten, loved all this time
Serene, in the enduring uniqueness
Of that life giving kind of love

But sadly I weep now for the
Broken hearts and suffering spirits
Of broken families denied

That special love and peace

Be not lost in the darkness, I pray
Reach rather, for the light of
The merciful grace of God
Whose Spirit is a prayerful breath away

For as exquisite as is
Mother's love
God is love,
Perfection personified


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