Monday, December 14, 2015

STEPS Youth Speak to the Community

At the end of a recent STEPS Advisory Board meeting I asked the members of the STEPS Youth Council, (they are also members of the full Advisory Board, to think about just one reason that inspired them to be involved with STEPS, one thing they'd like the people of Southington to know about STEPS. Here is what they said:

Justine Griffin, SHS Senior 

"I really want to reach out to the adults of
Southington and have them understand how dedicated and how hard the youth of this community work to promote lifelong success and leave lasting lessons for everyone, not just for us kids."

Trevor M. Rogers, SHS Senior

"We are trying to educate people on decriminalization, i.e., marijuana is still
illegal in Connecticut. The only change is the punishment for possession. Teens can get involved in STEPS and make a real difference. It’s not just adults!"

Sarah Lamb, SHS, Senior

"STEPS strives to make kids feel confident and happy in not only themselves but also in their community." 

Morgan Maccione, SHS, Junior 

"STEPS works to help everyone in the community. Everyone can be involved in making Southington a better place. Teens can make a difference. The Youth Council helped bring 2 ordinances in town to limit risks to youth."

Carson Stifel, SHS, Junior

"Most teens don’t recognize how important it is to stay drug-free. STEPS is here to keep you happy, healthy and on the path to success."

Julia Brilla, SHS, Junior

"STEPS helps reinforce positive decision making while teaching youth about the dangers of risky behaviors such as drinking and doing drugs. That’s the important message for our youth." 

The members of the STEPS Advisory Board include the above six high school students who are proactive members of the STEPS Youth Council.  The Youth Council is a group of about thirty high school and middle school students who meet regularly to address opportunities to develop new positive approaches, programs and youth activities that will inspire the active participation of young people in school, including the STEPS Asset Building Classrooms throughout our schools and work with parents and adults at in their homes at school and with others in the community.  

The STEPS Advisory Board meets monthly and is a group of volunteers representing and leading people within the thirteen sectors of the community who comprise the STEPS town-wide coalition. 

Committed to the prevention of the abuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other mind-altering substances which endanger the physical, mental and emotional health and successful growth as successful and responsible citizenship, STEPS works as a partnership of our educators, faith congregations, parents, youth, families, drug prevention agencies, the Town government and its health, law enforcement, safety and youth services departments as well as the business and professional communities and our veterans and military sector.  

Learn more at the STEPS website 

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