Sunday, September 13, 2015

Native Southington Artist Presents Work at St Dominic Church Thursday Sep. 17, 2015

World renowned artist, Dale Zarrella, will present to St. Dominic Church a bronze replica of a sculpture he created of St. Marianne Cope. The original was made for the Vatican in Rome. 
St. Marianne Cope
by Dale Zarrella

The presentation will be made at 7:00 pm at St. Dominic Church on Thursday, September 17, 2015 following a film entitled “An American Saint”, which tells the story of Mother Marianne. Zarrella said that the work is a gift in loving memory of his grandmother, Philomena Sepko. 

Zarrella grew up in Southington. As a boy, he was always twiddling. His pastor at St. Dominic, the late Rev. Walter F. Geraghty, took interest in young Dale and encouraged the boy. Geraghty asked the 17-year old Zarrella if he would like to sculpt a wooden crucifix for the church then under construction some 30 years ago.  

Zarrella was pleased to accept the challenge, soon after completing his first major work of art. Today, the crucifix hangs above and just behind the church altar. 

In his twenties, Zarrella moved to Maui where he has resided since, developing a professionally brilliant career as an internationally respected artist. Through the years, Zarrella has presented other religious sculptures to St. Dominic Church, each having a special place in the church today. 

Upon the occasion of the retirement of Fr. Henry C. Frascadore, second pastor of St. Dominic Church, in June 2008, the Ladies of St. Dominic presented a wooden sculpture of the "Risen Christ" which they had commissioned Zarrella to create. 

Later, in 2014, Zarrella presented to current pastor of St. Dominic, Fr. Ronald P. May, and to the parish, a replica of a sculpture of St. Damien. The original had been commissioned to Zarrella by the Vatican in Rome where it now stands.  

Artist Zarrella at work sculpting.

Zarrella continues to work at his adopted home on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. but he has never forgotten his roots, his extended family, his many friends or his native parish in Southington.  

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