Monday, August 31, 2015

Southington Catholic School Celebrates Ribbon-cutting

On a clear Sunday afternoon, August 23, 2015, the Most Rev. Leonard Blair, Archbishop of Hartford, joined pastors, administrators, faculty, School Board members, parents, children and friends and citizens of Southington, CT to recognize the opening of a new Catholic school that will open to pre-K through 8th grade on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Students of Southington Catholic School and a few hundred others were present for the ribbon-cutting, seen in this photo. Left to right, Fr. Nick Melo, pastor of St. Thomas Church, Archbishop Blair, with several children assisting him in handling the large cutting shears, while Principal, Mary Pat Wirkus and Fr. Ron May, pastor of St. Dominic observe. 
"Spirit Joy", the children's music ministry, sang spiritually uplifting music opening the program with A New Day", the musical theme of the day.

Members of the Southington Knights of Columbus Color Guard of Isabella Assembly 122 were present, honoring the ceremony.
Speakers expressed appreciation for the work of many, joy, hope and inspiration in the school’s completion. Archbishop Blair commended the dedicated work of those who persevered in the challenging logistics, planning and organization. He recognized the enduring spiritual leadership of Frs. Ronald May and Nicholas Melo, pastors of the two merged predecessor schools of St. Dominic and St. Thomas, respectively. He also called attention to the steadfast, positive efforts of a joint steering committee, Principal, Mary Pat Wirkus, faculty, staff, parents and volunteers. Acknowledging the many challenges Catholic Schools are facing today, Blair noted that the spirit of Southington Catholic exemplified an effective collaboration with the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools. “Southington Catholic can be a paradigm for future Catholic Schools. Our lives as Americans living in this state and in our country will flourish as we work together.”

The new School Board includes: David DellaVecchia, Donna M. Finn, (chairperson), Mark Gius, John J. Leary, Stanley Maigarie, Gina Marcantonio-Wotton, Jean Moriarty, Sharon O’Brien, Jim Petruzzi, Stephen J. Proffitt, Joan M. Scanlon, and Theresa Soltys.   

School Board Chairperson, Donna Finn, said: “When you believe passionately in the worth of something you have experienced, it is only natural to want deeply for others to have that same experience. That’s why I’m so grateful to participate in this journey of foundation and development of Southington Catholic School; that our children and their families may experience the sense of joy, achievement, growth, spirit and community in which my family flourished. Our Steering Committee surveyed the parents, faculty and administration of our two founding parish schools, asking them what they valued most in a Catholic education.  Not surprisingly, they included in their responses: educational achievement, strong curriculum and academic discipline. What came out most passionately though were Character Development, Christian Values, Sense of Community, support of my family’s values, and pride in the person I see in my child’s development. From my perspective, those are the values we saw when our oldest child when he began his Catholic School education 24 years ago. That’s a pretty strong, consistent track record. If you believe in this journey your child is about to begin, don’t just watch the scenery from your window.  If you believe in the value of this opportunity, be a part of its developing itinerary. Take its most creative trips and excursions, and as the doors open on Aug. 27th hear the call to come aboard!”

Hundreds attended the service, following which, all were invited to a reception of refreshments and cakes. 

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