Friday, April 3, 2015

Poetic Faith Reflections

Part 2 in a series of holy season faith reflections from local voices: 

Rev. Henry C. Frascadore
MALCHUS  John 18:10                         
By Rev. Henry C. Frascadore               
Holy Thursday, April 2, 2015

The bleeding stopped.
The pain let up.
But the memory of that night will never fade.
I won’t let it.

Each day I willingly recall
the Garden of Gethsemane
when I was ordered to seize the man
named Jesus.

I moved in on him
as I was told to do
and was about to grab his arm
when a sword slammed my head.

My severed ear
fell to the ground.
I screamed.
But it didn't stop the blood.

When I came to
they told me that
they took him
to the hill called Golgotha.

There before a shouting crowd
they nailed his bloody body to a cross
and above his head
a sign proclaiming- King of the Jews.

I am older now
and have heard of the things he said and did
while he walked here
with us.

My name is Malchus
a name you might not know
but I am the first to have shed my blood
for him who shed his blood for me.

Rev. Henry C. Frascadore, former pastor of St. Dominic Church of Southington is the author of three poetry collections published in his retirement years: Beyond the Weeping Willow Tree (2011); Conversations After Sunset (2013) and Harmony (2015).

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